Welcome to Geritalks! We are excited to have you come join our growing multi-blog platform and podcast community to challenge and break down the conventional views on aging. Why do so many people worry about aging? Why is society hyper-focused on staying young and youthful for as long as possible? Why is aging such a taboo word? It is no secret that aging in society today has gotten a bad rep, and the beauty market certainly took advantage of monetizing it. From the anti-aging creams and serums to medical procedures to look young forever, it is all a blanket covering how beautiful aging really is, and we are here to uncover that truth.
Do you want to know a little secret about aging? Not everyone gets to experience it. Let that sink in for a moment. Not everyone will have or has had the ability to reach the older stages of life and discover their profound growth along the way. Lives are cut short all the time, so if you are older right now, then you should feel so accomplished for the opportunity to have come this far. Don’t waste your time picking at yourself in the mirror, but look at your body and soul with gratitude for all the life you have lived, and all that is still yet to come.
Aging is a direct reflection of your life experiences, your knowledge gained, the strength you have built, and is the golden metal reward for becoming the person you are today. Because of that, getting older should not be feared, depressing, or resented, but celebrated and embraced with open arms. So, if you still view the lines on your face as something negative, then stick around for a while, and we promise your outlook will change for the better.
Again, we are so happy to have you onboard and look forward to providing you with insightful value that will transform aging perspectives, enticing you to honor your life rather than trying to rewind it. Remember, you only have this one single life to live, and no matter how old you are, you should celebrate it.